Our Story



Felcris Supermarket, Inc. is solely owned by private family group. Our branches continue to deliver top quality, value, and service to our customers. Each store is unique in catering to a specific group thereby a more focused and personalized retail service. From planning to merchandising to sales, our staff seeks to create that each customer’s needs are met.



“To provide customers with the ultimate one-stop shopping experience through integrated solutions”. The mission statement centers on one key phrase “integrated solutions”. FelcrisSupermarket branches aim to provide a unique solution to customers’ shopping needs through integrating departments within a store to create entertainment and excitement.

The Next Step

After 7 years, the proprietors ventured into a wider merchandise assortment and opened the second branch on Ramon Magsaysay Street. Within a short period of time, the Company established itself as one of the important retail establishments in Davao City.In 1978, the third branch was opened to cater to a higher income market on Sales Street. A fourth branch rose on Illustre Street by 1981. As the need for a bigger outlet became apparent, the Company built a “connecting” branch in 1983 that would allow customers to enter and exit through Illustre and Quirino Streets. In 1991, a sister company, Davao Central Warehouse Club, Inc. was incorporated to venture into warehouse type establishments. Currently, DCWC operates 7 branches in Mindanao. The 12th branch will be opened be second quarter of 2007.

The Rebirth

To be a key player in the new century retail industry, Felcris Supermarket had to go through some changes. Our slogan “Where Everything Is” has extended its coverage to define not only to provide the right merchandise but also the change in our attitude to give a shopping experience. Also, several departments were created and restructured to better equip us in customer care. That means providing our customers with excellent quality products, efficient service, and the desire to know and meet their needs. The new stores offer not only a wide variety of merchandise but a definite solution to different shopping needs.



Being the first branch, the Anda branch offered primarily school & office supplies and textile for 28 years. Renovation plans were developed and the new boutique type store offers local brand name apparels. The outlet opened 3rd quarter of 1997.

Ramon Magsaysay

This outlet is situated in the heart of Davao City where streets are busiest and the flow of traffic is heavy. In addition to some passers-by, loyal customers come from neighboring towns and municipalities, seeking goods and services offered only by the city. The Magsaysay branch offers great prices, extraordinary value and da wide range of merchandise. Definitely a one-stop shop for bargain-hunters.

Sales Branch (Chimes- A Felcris Specialty Store)

The Sales branch offers elite customers the wide range of name brands and top-quality merchandise. The outlet is known among customers to be the first to offer the latest fashion trends. A strong, regular-clientele-base is cared for by our staff whose customer service policy is extended beyond store premises. Being the only store that carries high-end brands, fashion –conscious Davaoenos have long relied on these trends for the best selection in designer clothing, accessories and cosmetics.

Quirino/Illustre Branch

A double branch located in the business district, the Quirino/Illustre branch caters mostly students and social workers. It offers high-fashion merchandise at more affordable prices. The outlet boasts mostly of locally manufactured items meeting the needs of Davao City’s locals. The wide range of merchandise captures the shopping needs of every customer. An extension was recently opened last November 2002.

Felcris Group of Companies | All Rights Reserved

Felcris Group of Companies | All Rights Reserved